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Spalogue is a public bath in the age of ubiquitous computing. In Spalogue, people have chat over a barrier of sexuality, and re-recognize the attractiveness of the sex. Spalogue is developed based on some Japanese cultures which reflected an eastern conception of sexuality: KON-YOKU, WAKA and KAIMAMI. We apply these cultures to design approach, and reveal how to design sexuality into media.


It was in the summer training camp of Okude laboratory that we made "Spalogue". The member of the team formed at this time made "覗いてもいいでSPA (Nozoitemoiide-SPA)". In four months, it became "Spalogue". Because the hotel we stayed had hot spring, we decided to make an product based on the Japanese culture of hot spring. Actually, we all took a bath in a spa and we found the interesting concept. That is peeping in a spa. It exist in Japanese culture. We had many meetings about the new product based on this concept. On that night, I did presentation in front of other researchers. Through presentation, we found it for this product to be interesting product.

First video

On the announcement morrow, we made a film of concept movie. We made it intending to express how to use it in real world. At this stage, much joke was included in this movie.

Submitting video

To apply for UbiComp 2006, we checked up the concept and system of this product. We added the explanation of Waka and Kaimami that inspired us to think of this system to this movie. The name changed from "Nozoitemoiide-SPA" to "Spalogue". Because the woman appeared on this movie, it was easy for people to understand how to use it and the world where it actually exists.


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